The seems a mixed bag. It needs a constant data throughput not available on USB. The TBC, from what I can tell, boasts four outputs and acts as a distribution amplifier, which I have absolutely no need for. And DataVideo used Canopus clones. Eats up every possible glitch and outputs one clean signal? The converter kit includes a reference manual that explains how to begin the process of converting videos. It’s yet anther DV box, but I’m not sure how it compares quality-wise to the Canopus.

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I’m sure that accounts for some of the price increase, so for my needs, I think the TBC might be overkill.

It even works with cassettes that have degraded. Find all posts by lordsmurf.

I haven’t heard the name Formac in many years. And I do have a lot acvc glitches on my tapes. The device is compatible with any video format.

It won’t be canopus advc 300, hopefully not worse. I could use quite a few analogies, but I’m sure you get the idea.

Canopus ADVC or ADVC output DV and Analog simultaneously? – Avid Pro Audio Community

More items related to this product. So if I 3300 to make a buying decision based solely on my canopus advc 300 of someone else’s expertise Realize DV 30 never intended to be a capture format.

You may also like. I’ve yet to capture component or digital video, but the greatest challenge is with composite video which this unit met and exceeded. I naively started canopus advc 300 these tapes using a miniDV camcorder with analog ins and DV out, but I found out quickly that every time there is a glitch in the tape, the outputted digital signal freezes up the image, or the audio no longer syncs with the video, etc.

Converter better than Canopus ADVC for Mac? – digitalFAQ Forum

Add Thread to del. The junk I can edit out later It’s yet anther DV box, but I’m not sure how canopus advc 300 compares quality-wise to the Canopus. The ADVC will do that job?

It had terrible processing that could not be turned off or bypassed. Or dumb DV box?

Canopus ADVC 300 Converter

Unbalanced to Balanced Converter. All OS canopus advc 300 issues, and all platforms have strengths and weaknesses. When canopuw you’ve eaten is hash, you don’t realize how good steak tastes.

I was camopus hoping that there was a box that would essentially guarantee me “walk away” reliability. I won’t be using that appliance for this project though. Sac John Free Member.

I keep harping on that because that was the one sole problem I kept running into when I tried doing this with a camcorder that I tried using for the analog to digital.

Yet another thing I need to research now. No DV canopus advc 300 Firewire. At this moment, I don’t even know what a TBC is You retain canopus advc 300 of how you want your converted files to look and sound. All the bad reviews you’re seeing are accurate, and good reviews are simply due to not paying attention or not knowing. Apparently it’s made, ahem, canopus advc 300 Mac”.

That’s a substantial price difference. The ADVC line is one of the fewer and less-problematic option. Its Locked Audio technology ensures your video and audio stay in sync. Looks like I waited to long on that canopus advc 300