And they have Linksys routers, too! Once it connects everything seems fine but the connection only lasts for a minute or two and then it resets. It simply shows how the signal is transferred. Installation and User Manual ,. Has anyone found a solution. Chris April 2, , 5: NeoCow August 28, , 6:

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It shows the number of bit errors divided by total number of transferred bits. Well, I hope I made that a bit more understandable…I know I can be long-winded.

Cable Modem Troubleshooting: RCA DCM425

The lower number are better. Ricky August 15, The frequency ranges from 5 MHz, with the never being used because of noise. It was working for 5 dmc425 and then 2 days ago nothing. Flashing — flashes to indicate unread email only if ISP enables this feature Off — no email messages pending. I also find this rather ominous notation on their site: I finally got sick of it and decided it may be glitches in either mdeom or router or both and decided to reset it both by unplugging the pwr cord and re-pwring it.

If not, then you can try to pull up the page manually by entering If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. There is a reason for your dck425 using a hub or switch.

NeoCow August 28,6: August 21,6: Lo-and-behold on Wednesday evening, it magically started working again, so I canceled the tech. I just hooked up a DCM I hope dmc425 answers these questions on this website. DCM im tring to set up a wireless network but the console cant seem to pick up the access point wat shoul i do.

Meaning of RCA DCM Cable Modem Diagnostic Statistics – Super User

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. I apologize for the jargon-filled answer I gave before. I meant no snark, you answer was really good. If so, how do I set up a password?

Teresa July 6,9: You could try going to the web interface, just open internet explorer and the usual default adress for these is either Also getting the DNS error thing when i go to look for a signal.

In reality, most private networks are this way; the only change, for the most part, is for big business or school networks. It simply states the frequency of signals going in both directions. I really wish I had one of the older Motorola modems they were using last year: Dthin, call your internet provider, its probably them. Dunno why, but as of late, when I boot the modem up, the internet LED flashes and nothing happens afterwards.


It simply shows how the signal is transferred. Thursday night—you guessed it—we went back to the Internet light flashing again.

After 2 days on the phone with customer support a tech was able to get into my modem rcm425 and update a boot file or something that he said was bad.

Could this just be a dying modem?

Same situation as Yoda, I think. The problem is on your return, and you can help that by eliminating the split. Once it connects everything seems fine but the connection only lasts for a minute or two and then it resets.