Add Item to Cart. Designed primarily for communication between a computer and display device, DisplayPort technology supports data rates up to Cable equalizers, signal regenerators, and line drivers are convenient, economical, solutions for extending digital and analog video and audio signals. They work by equalizing the incoming signal and reclocking the outgoing signal, and can be used together for applications with a poor quality infrastructure. These extenders facilitate long distance transmission of USB signals via standard CATx twisted pair or fiber optic cabling. Line drivers apply a voltage boost to the source signal so that when the signal reaches the point where degradation normally would occur, the signal still has plenty of gain to carry on to its destination. Continue Shopping View Cart.

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Extenders and line drivers help preserve signal quality by manipulating these signals using a variety of methods. Extenders and line drivers are essential for applications extron vga line one signal source needs to be extended to one display. To learn more about Extron, click here.

Although HDMI and DVI extron vga line popular interface standards for extron vga line resolution digital video in AV systems, supported distances vary with signal resolution and cable quality. All models include automatic input cable equalization and output reclocking to ensure signal integrity, and one model also provides immunity to pathological signal patterns.

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How would you rate your overall experience on the website? In some cases, transmissions include control signals and remote power.

The AV extenders and line drivers are ideal for applications that require high performance routing of extron vga line and audio signals. Most Extron line drivers also support stereo audio by providing active audio buffering. USB extenders are specifically engineered for professional AV applications to enable remote operation of USB peripheral devices over extreme distances.

A primary concern is the inherent distance limitations of the technology. They are well suited to locations where cabling is extron vga line through conduit or within plenum air spaces.

Extron P/2 DA1 Line driver video amplifier VGA | ASSEMbler – Home of the obscure

We value your comments. Why are Extenders and Line Drivers needed? Extron DisplayPort extenders are specifically engineered for Professional AV extron vga line, enabling long haul delivery of HDCP-compliant DisplayPort video, multi-channel audio, and control signals over fiber optic cabling. Unbalanced computer stereo audio is converted to balanced, line level stereo audio to eliminate noise usually associated with unbalanced audio when extron vga line over long cable runs.

Please enter a valid e-mail address. The small, lightweight cable is strong and extron vga line to pull, and can be used for a complete AV cabling infrastructure or to augment a twisted pair or standard cabling installation.

Retired VGA & RGB Line Drivers & Extenders

When selecting an extender or line driver, first define your signal and system requirements as exron in the previous section. It is susceptible to interference in terms of common mode noise and extron vga line. Share this item via Email.

Thank you for visiting our redesigned website. Is the signal Digital or Analog?

VGA to VGA Cables

Add Item to Cart. IP Link Control Processors. Applications can extron vga line from classrooms and meeting rooms to broadcast studios and presentation spaces. How would you rate your overall experience on the website? Digital cable equalizers and signal regenerators ensure signal integrity over long cable ilne. They are available in modular and stand-alone form factors.

extron vga line They work by equalizing the incoming signal and reclocking the outgoing signal, and can be used together for applications with a poor quality extron vga line. Some of the benefits of twisted pair are its low cost, light weight, and fast installation characteristics, Benefits with fiber include its small size, long haul transmission, zero signal degradation, and immunity to outside interference.

Select a Part Number: Distance depends on the selected transmission technology.

Line Drivers Line drivers are available for a wide variety of extron vga line video signal types as well as audio. Typically, they are placed near the end of the cable run to recover a degraded signal. Proper signal compensation supports a more detailed image with greater contrast.