Large Format Printer Parts. Additionally if the developer adjustment is not performed correctly the machine may overtone. Any help would be great. Tags for this Thread , background , cleaning blade , comparing , duc , gray , grey background , grid , image , lef , oce , parts , problem , scratching , sold , symptom , tds , tds , waste toner. The unit is about 1 year old, and since the beginning it has some problem with tonner. But, while there is an obvious benefit to that, there is also a dark side.

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InOce launched the TDS a very affordable wide-format system for small offices. The standard configuration was a two roll print engine, a system controller computerand a monochrome scanner.

When he tda not geeking out on new wide-format technologies, you can find him hanging with his wife and kids, playing guitar, or sneaking in a workout. Our Products Contex is HD In other words, the purpose of the scanner was only to make copies, not digitize.

Sign up for ocr. If you are mulling your options over, you have probably wondered if these legacy systems would be a good investment. OceRefurb Copiers Product in stock. In fact, our service department has been busy dealing with their share of Oce service issues regarding legacy controller PCs.

Oce TDS 320 Wide Format

WideFormatsOnSale will ship your order fast and securely. Originally Posted by WideProb. Did the tech run any adustments on the controller after replacing the parts. And we include a no-risk guarantee that your Oce TDS printer will be installed and be perfectly operational right off the bat.

As spare parts become increasingly sparse, the price level for these parts is increasing exponentially. Therefore, careful consideration needs to be taken when the repair of a legacy plotter is concerned. Provided no other corrective maintenance parts and preventive parts were consequently damaged, replacing the grid PBA and the developer the corresponding adjustment procedure is a must should be sufficient.

Wide Formats On Sale OCE TDS WIDE FORMAT PRINTER – Buy Oce TDS For Sale

Comparing the technical problem you described with the same actual problem we resolved, the most probable root cause is the initial symptom observed: Posted by Kevin Vaughan on Wed, Oct 07, Now they are “selling” me some voltage problem on some board: As such, the buyer has ample time to have their copier installed by a trained technician. This affordable wide format solution supports your workflow and offers the true reliability you need.

This may result in the need to make adjustments to the copier once the oc arrives at destination. Newsletters Sign up to our monthly newsletter to recieve special 302 and news Leave Blank: Wolverhampton Wales Worcester York. During the shipping process, vibrations may occur. With WideFormatsOnSale, you get exactly tfs you paid for.

Two months ago it started to fail. We have a customer with the same issue and it’s 2 weeks offline now and we have pretty much been working fulltime on in. Is he a certified tech. Obviously, legacy NT and XP Operating systems are also no longer supported, so updates and 30 drivers are no longer developed.

Plan printers – Discontinued – Oce TDS Wideformat Digital Copier Printer Scanner – plot IT

Any help would be great. We would love to hear it. Whether you work for a small technical company or in a workgroup in a larger organization, 32 requirement is simple: Have a question or a topic suggestion? It wasted too much tonner, but prints are ok.