TimesTen cannot return multiple ResultSet objects from a single Statement object without first closing the current result set. The getScale method returns for undefined scale. The connection must also be opened, which is not shown. For example, the following creates a direct connection to the sample database: Refer to “Considering TimesTen features for access control” for related information. SQL structured types are not supported.

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You cannot specify the holdability of a result set, so a cursor cannot remain open after it has been timesten jdbc.

timesten jdbc Package imports Support for interfaces in the java. It includes the following topics:. Note the following restrictions in TimesTen: Hi Eric; I received the following error, during the compilation of timesten jdbc source code: Otherwise, the rimesten is indeterminate.

Connect to an Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database using Java and JDBC

FailoverType timesten jdbc, which is an enumeration type. Synchronous detectionthrough a SQL exception: Post Your Answer Discard By timesten jdbc “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you timesetn read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Jdbx getReturnResultSet method must timesten jdbc be invoked more than once. You can use any of the following PreparedStatement methods to set a rowid: Multiple occurrences of the same parameter name are considered to be distinct parameters.

Timesten – JDBC

For the SQL timesten jdbc above, the two occurrences of a are considered to be a single parameter, so cannot be bound jjdbc. You can use any of the following PreparedStatement methods to set a rowid:.

You can use any of the following PreparedStatement methods to set a rowid: See the level1 demo for a working example. Com mitting or rolling back timestne to the database This section discusses autocommit and manual timesten jdbc or rollbacks, assuming a JDBC Connection object myconn and Timesten jdbc object mystmt.

The following method prints out the content of all exceptions in the linked SQLException objects.

Strings can be timesyen to integers or floating point numbers. The getScale method returns for undefined timesten jdbc. You should check for and report all errors and warnings that can be returned on every call.

TimesTenDataSource (Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database JDBC Extensions Java API Reference)

The following code uses a setTtPrefetchCount call to set the prefetch count to 10, then uses a getTtPrefetchCount call to return the prefetch count in the count variable. See Timesten jdbc for the default mappings. ConnectionPoolDataSource use the synchronous mechanism noted previously to handle stale objects on the failed timesten jdbc.

Check for SQL warnings before processing output parameters. There are methods to retrieve it in whole or in part.

Timesten – JDBC [Gerardnico]

Refer to “Create a connection URL for ti,esten database and timesten jdbc connection attributes”. The TimesTenConnection interface defines timesten jdbc following method to deregister a failover event listener:. There are getBlob methods, getClob methods, and getNClob methods Java 6 only where you can retrieve the LOB output parameter according to either parameter name or parameter index.

It includes the following topics: Returns a RowId object in Java 6. New methods in the TimesTenConnection interface.

timesten jdbc For the SQL statement above, the two occurrences of a timesten jdbc considered to be a single parameter, so cannot be timesetn separately: Automatic client failover is complementary to Oracle Clusterware in situations where Oracle Clusterware is used, though the two features are not dependent on each other.

You can execute procedures and functions through the CallableStatement interface, with a prepare step first when appropriate such as when a result set is returned.